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Here Is Some Exciting News

After 32 years wrongfully convicted, Danny Burton is FREE

It took more than 32 years, but the truth finally beat out the lies that robbed Danny Burton of his freedom. He was just 19 years old when he was wrongfully convicted of murder.
Detroit (Fox 2)

Lacino Hamilton FREED after DNA evidence proves him innocent

Lacino Hamilton, 45, is released from Macomb Correctional Facility, after 26 years imprisonment, after recent DNA evidence proved him innocent.
The Detroit News

Danny Burton first contacted NCCAN in 2004. We spent the next 16 years doing investigation, finding witnesses and bringing his case to the University of Michigan Innocence Clinic. When the Clinic could go no further with his case, NCCAN hired attorney Solomon Radner to represent Danny. Finally we brought his case to the Wayne County, Michigan Conviction Integrity Unit. We were with Danny every step of this long journey and the end result was his December 6, 2019 exoneration and release I was there to walk him out of prison!

Danny Burton and Claudia Whitman

Lacino Hamilton first contacted NCCAN in 2011. We invested his case on the streets of Detroit. When the case became very credible, NCCAN Brought It to the University of Michigan Innocence Clinic. At first we worked with the students at the Clinic. When the Clinic reached a dead end, we hired attorneys Mary Chartier and Takura Nyamfukudza to represent him and continued investigating with the lawyers. Finally, NCCAN brought this case to the Wayne County Conviction Integrity Unit. After their thorough review and investigation – including newly discovered DNA evidence – Lacino was freed just over a month ago on December 30.

Lacino Hamilton - Victory!

Other good news: are very old cases in Louisiana and Missouri have gained new momentum both have excellent lawyers hired by NCCAN. Lawson Strickland, at Angola prison in Louisiana is likely to get the Evidentiary Rehearing he was granted years ago but never happened. Rodney Carr, in Missouri, is moving forward at last with his quest for a hearing on his claims of actual innocence.

During Covid times, when we can't safely travel to distant states to do on-the-ground investigations, we are reviewing cases, helping people get their records, helping with experts, chasing down witnesses and hiring attorneys who give us a good deal because of our previous successes and the fact that we don't charge clients and I don't take a salary. And when I say "we" it is because there are now two of us in the office. Suzanne Strazza has joined our staff and is doing a fabulous job reviewing letters and documents from prisoners wanting help as well as working on their cases. Thanks to generous donations from two of our ex-honorees (Darrell Siggers and Danny Burton) who have received compensation from the State of Michigan, we have been able to compensate Suzanne for her work. These generous individuals have joined our Board of Directors.

Speaking about NCCAN Board Members, we are pleased to announce that Chris Mumma, Director of the North Carolina Ctr. on Actual Innocence, has filed a habeas corpus brief in the South Carolina Supreme Court on behalf of Charles Wakefield based on new evidence of actual innocence. Our hope is that this will lead to Charles' exoneration.

As you can see, this has been quite a year for NCCAN. Thanks to your generosity two men are free and we have hired good lawyers who are getting other clients' cases reviewed. But so much still needs to be done-finding witnesses, taking statements, working with lawyers, etc. that we hope we can continue to count on you to help us free the wrongfully incarcerated. Thank you so much.

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Claudia Whitman, Director: National Capital Crime Assistance Network
Director: National Death Row Assistance Network of CURE

Claudia Whitman


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