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Updated 2021

Please bear in mind that the bulk of the information in this guide is actually on the Internet. A short summary of each website clipped out for this list does not even begin to do each entry justice, and many of the items on this list actually contain further lists. The number of prisoner resources out there are mind boggling, so don't be afraid to use Google if there is something you have in mind.

A caveat to this list is that this is the age of COVID 19. Many of these sites are temporarily closed or scaled back for the duration of the pandemic. They are included in this list anyway in anticipation of better days.

Computers connected to the Internet are not generally available in prisons, so it is up to friends, family, and advisers to dig out the needed information from each website, or to shoot off emails where needed.

Finally, there are no websites that require money or a login to access. If you encounter any problems with this list, feel free to contact Helen.

Aid to Inmate Mothers
PO Box 986
Montgomery, AL 36101
Office: (334) 262-2245
Toll Free: (800) 679-0246

AIM reunites mothers and children separated by prison. Our goal is to enrich the lives of both incarcerated mothers and their families through programs that provide education and support.

The visitation program brings families together each month for visits within the prison. Aside from these monthly sessions, AIM offers programs to help mothers and children stay connected – including the Storybook Program and the Girl Scout troop. Through generous donations, we also help the extended families who are taking care of the children.

We understand that the best way to help incarcerated women be better mothers and citizens is to give them opportunities to learn essential life skills. Prison Classes and the Health Education program help these women learn information on parenting, job readiness, and personal health.

Care doesn’t just stop once the mothers are released from prison. Re-entry can be especially hard, and this transition puts the women at risk for relapsing into old routines. Project Reconnect is an aftercare program that helps them secure jobs and housing and provides them with essential counseling
1 S. Orange Avenue
Suite 200
Orlando, FL 32801
(855) 972-5895
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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California Reentry Institute
California Reentry Institute
PO Box 51 Clayton CA 94517

Statistics have proven that the key ingredients to success are:
Preparation (Pre-Release Programs) and Aftercare (Post-Release Programs).

There are Four vital things for a successful transition:

Pre-Release Preparation
A safe place to parole to
A job and/or assistance with college
Ongoing support


Our program was developed after our President and CFO realized that the work that they had been doing for many years with inmates at San Quentin was doing a good job, but that the need was so much greater and what was really needed was a full and well balanced Pre and Post Release program. In 2008 CRI's Empowered Reentry Program was born. A program with an extensive curriculum, personalized case management and parole planning.


As part of our personalized case management, we match our clients with a "safe place" for them to return to. We provide any and all assistance required upon release. We also have a reentry facility that our graduates can come home to. We offer all of graduates a seamless transition from our inside program to a successful reintegration into society, providing lifelong support.

To date 65 of our graduates have been released and are doing amazing work in society. They are counselors for Drug & Alcohol and Domestic Violence Programs, they are Directors of NonProfits and City Agencies, they are plumbers, carpenters, optical technicians, maintence technicians and janitors. They are going to junior colleges as well as universities. But mostly, they are giving back, they are living their best lives of living amends for the hurt and pain that their past caused.

At this time none of our graduates have returned to prison.


Mental Health Resources for Formerly Incarcerated People
Suicide Prevention– Hotline: 800­-273-8255
Crisis Text Line – Text 741741
NAMI – Helpline: 800-950-6264
SAMHSA – Hotline: 800-662-4357
ADAA – Find a Therapist
7 Cups – Active online user community groups
Veterans Crisis Line – Call 800-273-8255; Text 838255
Substance Abuse Helpline – 800-662-HELP
30950 Rancho Viejo Road
Suite 225
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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What is Mental Illness?
What is Addiction?
Dual Diagnosis
What Causes Mental Illness?
The Movement Towards Deinstitutionalization
Mental Health Care in Prison
How Does Incarceration Affect Inmates?
Benefits of Mental Health Care in Prison
Mental Health Treatment for Formerly Incarcerated Peoples

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